About Us

Who We Are

We are a Geospatial and Data Science consulting firm. Our core business is Geographic Information technology, data science, location intelligence, information management, and remote sensing.

GDSL is a consulting firm with a focus on location intelligence, data analytics, geographic information technology, information management, GIS, and remote sensing. From data creation to application development, we support various organizations by providing a business-focused rationale for the use of spatial technologies to solve real business problems by revealing deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations thus helping to make smarter decisions.

geospatial analysis and data analytics techniques to understand what was previously hidden.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide excellent and qualitative geospatial and data analytics solutions to corporate organizations, institutions, government agencies, and individuals in Africa at the most competitive cost.

GDSL exists to provide GIS, data analytics, location intelligence, and remote sensing services to solving problems faced by corporate organizations, government agencies, and businesses in Africa. It is ultimately the goal of the company to offer a one-stop facility for all geospatial and data analytics needs from data creation to application development.

We have handled and coordinated geospatial-related projects in the area of Data Collection, Baseline Survey, Data analytics, Community Enumeration, Community Health, Utility Mapping, Urban Planning, Crime Mapping, Customer and Market Analytics, Cadastral Mapping, Perimeter & Topographic Survey, Transportation & Logistics.